Frequently Asked Questions


Is an animal I saw on your website available?

Barring some mistake on our part, any animal listed as available on our website, or any site that shares our animal listings (AdoptAPet, PetFinder, etc.), is available. 

What is your adoption process?

You can view our adoption process on our website under the header "Adoption Process

What are your adoption fees?

You can view our adoption fees on our website under the header "Adoption Process

Where can I apply to adopt one of your animals?

Our application can be found on our website under the tab "Adoption Application

How long does it take to process applications?

Our applications are processed by volunteers so it may take more than a week to process your application. We do apologize for the delay. It can be very stressful for all involved.

Will I hear back if my application is rejected?

Due to the sheer volume of applications we receive, we may not reach out to an individual if their application is rejected.

Where are you located?

We are based in Winchester, VA and have foster homes in Fredericksburg, VA – Laurel, MD – Baltimore, MD – Capon Bridge, WV – Romney, WV. We do NOT have a facility. All animals are in foster homes. 

Can I meet an animal before applying?

We require a filled and approved application before scheduling any meet-n-greets. This protects not only ourselves, but our animals. We are completely foster-based and must make sure we are safe when meeting strangers from the internet.

If you are applying for a puppy or a kitten below the age of 6 months, it is very unlikely any meet-n-greet is necessary as their true personalities do not emerge until after puppyhood/kittenhood. Puppy and kitten temperament is largely effected by their environment. If you provide a stable household, they will be very loving companions. 

How old do kittens or puppies need to be before they can be adopted?

We require a kitten to be 10 weeks of age, while puppies to be 8 weeks of age, before they are adopted. We may list a puppy or kitten as available before their able to leave our care to get them an approved home to move into as soon as they reach the appropriate age. 

How has Covid-19 effected your process?

We have moved much of our process to a virtual environment. Should your application be approved, a volunteer will walk you through the next approved steps.